Wednesday, April 4, 2007

hi from teamenzo

Hi - this is a quick message from Teamenzo. The team consists of Linda Furney, Enzo and Carsten Stinn. We live on Minor Ave and have been your neighbors since 1995. Enzo is a 1st grader at TOPS on Seward and asked me to mention that he is looking for playdates in the neighborhood. Linda is a Boeing employee and works out of our house on Minor Ave. I am an architect and work out of my own office in Ballard.

We like Eastlake... a lot! Last year we had a ton of fun working with many volunteers on this piece of public land right on the shore of Lake Union. With a little sweat and lots of support by City and neighbors we turned it into the 'Eastlake Boulledrome'. The boulledrome is located on Fairview Ave where Louisa would meet Fairview (if it went through). We worked for 6 months with the city, department of neighborhoods, SDOT, and many local businesses to create this new park. If you don't know what Boulledrome means it is a court to play Bocci and Petanque. You should definitely check it out this summer! There will be lots of people down there.

Linda and I serve as boardmembers on the ECC and hope to get more improvements started in the neighborhood. If you have any questions about the court or the ECC give us a shout.

Bye for now

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J Waite said...

I'd like to build a piste myself....can you tell me how and what material you used in detail?

Thank you!